Software Engineer (Machine Learning)

New York
$130,000/yr - $180,000/yr

What you'll do

  • Conceptualize, train, and deploy ML algorithms for Itsme users
  • Work on personalizations by finding ideal friend suggestions for users based on their use of the app
  • Work on moderation by improving our automated moderation system to keep Itsme safe and fun for everyone
  • Use computer vision to improve avatar animation
  • Work on developing ML algorithms on 3D data directly (e.g. Graph/Geometric Deep Learning)
  • Fix bugs, test code or troubleshoot problems in the ML pipeline
  • Collaborate with other engineers, designers and artists to encourage tight cooperation between disciplines.
  • Strive to improve the user experience on all client platforms (iOS, Android, Standalone)


  • Strong, proven programming skills
  • Strong knowledge of Python
  • 2+ years of ML/Data Science experience
  • Experience solving NLP or Computer vision problems
  • Self-motivation and willingness to pitch in on many areas of ML development
  • Ability to communicate effectively with artists, designers, and other engineers
  • Knowledge Pytorch or Tensorflow, both for research and deploying at scale


  • Knowledge of Java
  • Experience with Elasticsearch or similar search frameworks
  • Up to date on state of the art in ML
  • Have publications in top-tier ML conferences or journals
  • Experience with large-scale datasets
  • Experience with optimizing algorithms to run real-time
  • Experience in recommender systems, face alignment, or 3D computer vision
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or related degree

We are hiring! 🎨

Feel free to reach out! Also, if you are a Developer or Designer and you want to get involved, e-mail us at: