~ Changelog

👋 Thank you so much for being an Itsme beta tester!

We're working hard to ship updates and get the app ready for the rest of the world. Below is a list of what we shipped in the most recent release!

Wednesday, Nov 17

- 😺 Animated Drops!

We're very excited to introduce Animated Drops in the latest app version! Animated Drops use face-tracking to animate accessories like masks and hats. This lets you become some of your favourite characters on Itsme, like Ironman and Plankton!

Head over to the Daily Drops tab to try it out!


Wednesday, Nov 3

- 👯 Suggested Friends!

With the latest update, you'll notice a big change to the Home screen of Itsme - the For Me Globe has been replaced by Suggested Friends! Suggested Friends is a list of profile cards featuring people we think you'd like. At a glance, you can see each person's avatar, age, location, and which compliment they receive the most. If they seem cool, just tap the Chat button to start chatting!

Give it a whirl and make some new friends today!


Monday, Oct 4

- 🛍💦 Introducing Daily Drops!

Starting today, we'll be releasing a Special New Item every day on Itsme at 3:33 PM in your local time zone! Each of these items will only be available for 24 hours, so make sure to claim yours while it lasts!

Lots more coming soon 😏


Monday, Sep 20

- 🔗 Party Sharing!

Ever wanted to share a Party with a friend that didn't already have Itsme? Now when you share a Party link, your friends will be taken straight to the Party after downloading the app, without having to create an account first. This way they won't miss any of the fun!


Tuesday, Sep 7

- 💨 Tab Bar!

There's a new way to get around in Itsme! With the latest update, the bottom Tab Bar stays visible in the Instant Chat and Parties section of the app. This will make it easier to jump between sections and get to your Profile!


Friday, Sep 3

- 🏆 Top Hosts!

Top Hosts is a new feature that lets you see who the most popular hosts of the day are! The ranking is based on the amount of time a member has spent Hosting or Cohosting in the last 24 hours and the number of guests that were in the Parties during that time.

- 🙊 Mute Buttons for Party Hosts!

Party Hosts and Cohosts can now mute themselves to cut down on unwanted noise in Parties! Now you don't have to end your Party whenever your mom starts yelling at you to do the dishes...


Wed, Sep 1

- 👩‍🦰 Hair Color Improvements!

We updated our hair colors to add luster and vibrancy! Go to your profile and tap "Edit Avatar" to give your Avatar a hair glow up.


Tue, Aug 31

- 👤 Profile Update!

We've update profiles on Itsme to include Following and Follower counts, so you can see who your friends are following and connect with even more people. You can also now see your own profile by tapping on your Avatar in the bottom right hand corner of the Home screen!


Fri, Aug 27

- 👁 Skin and Eye Color Improvements!

The skin and eye colors in Itsme just got much, much better. Head over to the Avatar Creator to give your Avatar flawless skin and gorgeous eyes!

- ⭐️ Following!

You can now follow your favorite people on Itsme. Get notified when they start a Party so that you don't miss the fun!


Mon, Aug 16

- 🎉 Parties!

There's now a whole new way to connect as your Avatar in Itsme. In Parties, you can go live with up to 4 cohosts and broadcast to the world! We're very excited to see what you do with it.


Sat, Aug 7

- 💡 Interest Categories!

Now when you go to edit your interests, they are sorted into categories so you can find the things you like more easily!

We have lots more improvements coming to interests soon, so stay tuned :)

- 🚩 Easy Reporting Flow

On the latest versions of Itsme, you'll be able to see a flag icon on the left side of the tool bar inside your chats.

When you click the flag, you'll be able to report anyone on Itsme who is violating our community guidelines.

Our community team reviews member reports ASAP, and we are always shipping updates to help keep Itsme the most fun, safe, and comfortable way to meet friends.

Thanks so much for being a member of our community ❤️


Thu, Jul 29


We're starting to roll out our first chat games on Itsme! This makes it even easier to chat with your friends!

The first one is WOULD YOU RATHER!

We're super focused on creating ways to make it even easier to chat + get to know people, so let us know your thoughts!


On the latest version of Itsme, you'll be able to see a list of the friends that someone chats with the most on Itsme!

It's a totally new way to discover new and relevant people to chat with!

As always, we love hearing from you. Let us know your thoughts!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community ❤️


Mon, Jul 19


Now it's even faster to chat with your friends on Itsme!

Over the past week, we've been testing faster app loading times & now it's rolling out to everyone!


We've been making improvements under the hood to how we introduce you to new friends.

You'll now be meeting people more personalized for you than ever before. Let us know what you think!


Tue, Jul 6


Go check it out! Let us know if there's any additional hats you want to see :)

Now your hats can truly be uniquely yours 🤠🧢👒


Sun, Jul 4

- 🇺🇸 USA Independence Day Logo

- 📝 Chat Bar Improvements!

We made the Chat Bar cleaner and easier to use - it's now much more clear how to

- Send Prompts! Always have something to ask during a conversation :)

- Send Photos! There's an image icon now!

- Ratings/Compliments! Just tap the Star on the left during a chat! You can only use this once per chat right now.

- Much more coming soon :)

Thank you for being an Itsme member 🥺


Sat, Jul 3


~~~~~~ Update Itsme from the App Store ~~~~~

You can now choose your glasses frames color AND your glasses lens colors!!!!

Now your glasses can truly be uniquely yours 😌👓🕶

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Thu, Jul 1


~~~~~~ Update Itsme from the App Store ~~~~~

You can now customize your nose and ears 🥳 Eyes and lips are coming soon 🥺

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


- 💈💇We also updated a ton of hairstyles! They now look even more natural :)


Thanks so much for being a part of the Itsme community ❣️


Fri, Jun 25

- 👓 Glasses are rolling out now on Itsme!

Finally! Your Avatar will be able to see super clearly 😎

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Wed, Jun 23

🧠 Head Shape Customization is rolling out now on Itsme! Update your App from the App Store!

Adjust the shape of your head! Taller! Shorter! Width! Thinner! Facial feature customization is coming soon too 😌

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Fri, Jun 18

- 🦷 Teeth Customizations are back on Itsme! Update your App from the App Store!

Grills, Braces, Missing Teeth, Gap Teeth, Everything!!!!!

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Thu, Jun 17

- 💄Makeup is back on Itsme! Update your App from the App Store!

Lipstick, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Face Tattoos!

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Wed, Jun 16

- 💍 Jewelry is back on Itsme!

Ear rings! Nose rings! Potentially 👅 piercings coming soon?!

We'll be slowly rolling out even more customization features over the next week! 🌈


Wed, Jun 16

- 💖 Avatars 2.0 - Fixes!

The skin/teeth issues from yesterday are fixed! Please install the latest version of Itsme from the App Store :)

Thank you so much for your patience with us on this 🥺

Better/Fun Customization Features for Your Avatar are coming over the next week! 🌈


Tue, Jun 15

- 🐞 Avatars 2.0 - Bugs & Issues

We are experiencing rendering issues with Avatars 2.0. We are actively working on fixes/improvements.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Tue, Jun 15

- 🎨 Avatars 2.0 - Our Biggest Update Yet!

Itsme is all about being Your truest and most expressive self while discovering and growing friendships around the world. 🧩

Now, totally new and super expressive Avatars have come to Itsme!


- 🃏 Trading Cards

But that's not all - Today, we're also releasing gorgeous trading cards to share your Avatar across the Internet!

Whenever You save Your Avatar, a gorgeous trading card will be rendered on our servers and made uniquely for You 💖


So that’s Avatars 2.0 & Trading Cards: It’s Unlike Anything Else. Just Like You. 🧚

We can't wait to see how much you'll love them! Thanks so much for being a member of our community ❤️


Fri, Jun 11

- 🌚 Dark Mode comes to Itsme!

Finally, at long last, Dark Mode is coming to Itsme!

As we make sure that it works properly, it will be rolling out slowly to just some members today. In a few days, everyone on Itsme will have the option!

- 🎨🐞 Drawing Bugfixes

Also, we've fixed long existing bugs with the drawing functionality in voice chats. Sorry this took so long 😞


Super excited about these! Thanks so much for being a member of our community ❤️


Thu, Jun 3

- 👫 National Best Friends Day Logo!

- 👷 Service Improvements!

Last week, Itsme had a lot of server issues resulting from a large amount of growth. We've spent this week working on a lot of server improvements to try and prevent that from happening again!

Thank you for being a member of Itsme as we grow! 🌈❤️


Wed, May 26

- ⚠️🚧 Account Recovery

During server outages yesterday, many Members lost access to their account.

If you lost access to your account, please reach out to us through either the Help section of the app, or by emailing hello@itsme.cool

We can now help you get your account back!

Thank you so much for being a part of our community ❤️


Tue, May 25

- 🚧 Server Outage

We are currently experiencing a lot of growth and working through server outages.

This will likely cause the Itsme app to not load. Our team is working on fixing this issue, and we will let you know when the app is back up and running!

Thank you so much for your patience ❣️


Mon, May 10

- 🐞 Bugfixes

Unfortunately, yesterday's updated caused crashes for many of you while you were chatting.

We fixed these bugs in the latest release. Update Itsme from the App Store if you are still experiencing crashes!

Happy Chatting! 🌈 We have lots of exciting stuff on the way :)


Wed, May 5

- 🪅🇲🇽 Happy Cinco de Mayo Logo!


Fri, Apr 30

- 🧩 Personalization Improvements

Over the last week, we've had some issues with content moderation and pairing members together who wouldn't have a chat that was fun, safe, or engaging.

We've now fixed these issues, and personalization should be back to working as it should - amazingly!

We want to make sure that You can get ahold of us when You discover new content moderation issues on Itsme so that we can respond quickly to address those concerns. The best way to let us know about content moderation issues on Itsme is by emailing us: safety@itsme.cool.

Happy Chatting! 🌈


Tue, Apr 27

🔎 Meet Search!!

Search is a totally new way to explore the World and find the perfect people to chat with right now!

🧩 It’s Me: When you find others through search, the first thing You see about them is their Avatar, their bio, and their relevant interests. How they choose to express themselves, not how the camera sees them.

⚡️ It’s Fast: People aren’t just ranked by relevance, but also by how fast they’ll respond to you. It’s designed to let You instantly chat with someone about anything You want.

🦸‍♀️ It’s Safe: You’ll be able to find personalized friends, and just within Your age group. The same great content moderation that powers the rest of Itsme, powers Search as well.

🗺 It’s Global: You can search the global Itsme community, a new language You want to learn, or even something You thought only You cared about. It’s all in Your hands.

🆕 It’s New: Search is early! Search is an awesome new way to explore the Itsme network, but It’s just a v1. Over time, we’ll make It even more powerful, start to surface trends, and expand the possibilities of what You can Search for.

🆙 Update to the latest version of Itsme to check it out! 

🎥 Check it out here! https://vimeo.com/542280869

🔜 We have lots more coming soon! Thank You so much for being a part of our community.


Sat, Apr 17

- ⚡️Faster App Loading Times

Now, your friends list should load much faster! Especially for those of you with lots of friends, the app should load much more quickly and be much more stable!

Thanks for all your patience on this 😎❤️


Sun, Apr 12

- 👤 Edit Username in Settings

Now you can edit your username from Settings! Update to the latest version of Itsme! And remember, you can always search for your IRL friends by using their usernames in the search box above the globe!


Fri, Apr 9

- 🧩 Buzz Button Improvements!

The Buzz Button now shakes your screen AND the other person's screen in the chat! 

- 💬 Unlock others' bios by updating your own!

Now, you'll have to update your Bio in order to see other people's bios! This was a big request from the community, and we agree! It's only fair to add your own bio as well if you are looking at others'.


🚨🚨 Help Us Make Itsme Better! 🚨🚨

Email Us! hello@itsme.cool

If you love Itsme and have suggestions for how we can make the app even better, we'd love to hear from you!

Please email us at hello@itsme.cool - we'd love to hear how we can improve and perhaps arrange a call with you and our team! 

We might even give you some special accessories 🤗 Thanks for all your help so far and for being a part of our community!


Tue, Apr 6

- 🎨 Fixed Drawing in Instant Voice Chat!

The latest update of Itsme fixes drawing in instant voice chat! This took us way too long to fix, and we're sorry.

Also in the latest update, there are some interface improvements to Instant Voice Chat!


Sun, Apr 4

- 🔐 Better Login!

Now, we finally have passwords on Itsme! We're sorry that this took so long.

You can use your password to log back into your account. As always, if you connected a phone number to your account, you can still use that to log-in as well.

In the next couple weeks, we'll add features like password recovery to make it even easier to re-enter your Itsme account and chat with your friends!

Thank you so much for your patience here! We have lots of exciting things coming soon :)


Tue, Mar 23

- 💬 Chat Requests!

Now, when people message you for the first time, the messages show up in Chat Requests!

This is so that new friends contacting you won't clog your friends list 🥺

In the chat requests section, you have the option to Accept, Block, or Ignore Chat Requests.

Happy Chatting!

- 😃 Emoji Game! 💰

Now in the Avatar Customization Section there is a new way to earn coins!

You can just make the faces of the emoji shown and you can earn coins easily!

The other ways to earn coins are:

- Inviting Friends!

- Every minute you spend on Itsme you earn 1 coin!

- Every time someone gives you a compliment, you earn 20 coins!


Tue, Mar 16

- 🙅‍♀️ Blocked List

Now in your Settings you can see the people you've blocked in the past and Unblock them if it was a mistake!

Update your app to check it out!

- 🍀🌈 Happy St. Patrick's Day Logo!


Fri, Mar 5

- ✨Introducing Sparks!

Finding something to say to all the new people you meet is hard! 

Update your app and check out the Sparks button in the chat bar, and always find something new to connect on!


Thu, Mar 4

- 📱Itsme on iPad

Itsme now works on the iPad!! 😌


Wed, Mar 3

- 💬💨 Endless Messages

You can now endlessly scroll in your chats! Update to the latest version of Itsme to see more than just your last 20 messages with your friends!

- 🤪 Bigger Emojis

Messages with only emojis are now a bigger font! Update to the latest version of Itsme to check it out! Lol.


Mon, Mar 1

- 👋 Bios

You can now add a bio in Settings! Friends will see this in your profile!

- 👆 Tap to Open Photos and Videos

Now you can tap to open photos and videos in the chat! You don't have to hold down anymore :)

- 🧠 Personalization improvements

We want to minimize any harassment or unwanted messages when meeting new friends on Itsme.

We're now doing a much better job of pairing you with people you'll like to chat with!


Mon, Feb 22

- 💬 Chat Improvements!

We’re continuously improving your messaging experience!

🔗 You can now share links with your friends on Itsme.

📹 You can now upload videos to your friends on Itsme.

📸 You can now capture + share videos directly on Itsme.

- 👋 Personalization improvements

We want to minimize any harassment or unwanted messages when meeting new friends on Itsme.

We're now doing a much better job of pairing you with people you'll like to chat with!


Fri, Feb 12

- 💘 Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate on Itsme with a special holiday logo!

- 💡 Better Interest based Matching

You should see that you're now able to match on interests that you like more than others!


Fri, Jan 29

- 😌 Much Better Moderation

Our content moderation is much better!

- 😌 Much Better Personalization

Our content personalization is always getting much better! You should now be paired with even more people you'll love chatting with :)


Sun, Jan 17

- 📷 Easier Photo Sharing

It's now way easier to share photos on Itsme, with a much nicer interface :)


Sun, Jan 3

- 🎨 Itsme Profile Pictures!!!

Someone told us we couldn't allow you guys to use your Bitmojis as your profile pictures on Itsme anymore.

So now everyone's profile picture is their Itsme Avatar!

💡 Remember, you can always tap your Avatar in the bottom right of the home screen to update it :)


Fri, Jan 1

- 🥳 HAPPY 2021!!!

💋 With the latest update, As Soon As Your Clock Strikes Midnight, you can send New Year's Kisses on Itsme!

Happy New Year!!


Thu, Dec 31

- 🎉2021 App Icon!

We're getting ready for 2021! Thanks so much for being an Itsme member during our first year :)

We have some awesome new improvements in store for you next year - stay tuned! <3


Sat, Dec 19

- 💈💇‍♀️💇‍♂️ Upgraded Hairstyles!

Tap on your Avatar at any time to customize it and see all the new hairstyles :)

We are adding new hairstyles + replacing the old ones with better versions every day!


Tue, Dec 15

- 🛠 Itsme is undergoing Maintenance. We are so sorry for the technical difficulties!

- 😞 Instant Chat is not working properly. Lots of people are getting declined! We are working hard to fix this

Welcome to everyone who has signed up in the last day! So many new people have signed up that we are struggling to keep up.

If you notice anything not working, please know we are trying our best to get everything working ASAP. We will notify you when everything is ready.

Thank you so much for all of your support❣️


Sat, Dec 12

- Added a Proximity Filter so you can choose to meet people near you or anywhere!

📍🌎 When using the For Me friend finder, you can now choose whether you want to search for people closer to you or anywhere!


Wed, Dec 9

- New Holiday App Icon in the New Update!!

☃️❄️✨☃️ It's cute!

- In the new update, you can rate friends/give compliments at any time during a chat. Click the Question Mark icon!

- In the new update, it's easier to mark a chat as "Not Interested" so that you meet less people like that in the future! Click the Question Mark icon!


Tue, Dec 8

- Warnings when you are about to remove/block a friend.

🙅When you report someone as rude, inappropriate, asking for nudes, etc, you are removing/blocking this person as a friend. We made this much more clear so people don't accidentally unfriend their friends :(

- Made Searching for Guys/Girls and Voice or Text chats more clear!

- The For Me World at the top is nicer. It looked cluttered before 😊🌎


Sun, Dec 7

- Added Paper Bag Disguises when you first meet people in Instant Chat

🙈 When you first meet someone in Instant Chat, your Avatar is now concealed by a Paper Bag. Itsme is all about meeting people based on their personality, and not judging them for how they look. To keep Itsme a fun and safe place, we want to make sure everyone is fully comfortable sharing how they look when they are ready, and after they have exchanged a few messages with someone already.

This is very much a work in progress - so as always let us know your thoughts! Email hello@itsme.cool or message our support channel within the app :) We love hearing from you❣️


Sat, Dec 6

- Improved For Me Algorithm!

🧩 We improved the For Me algorithm so that you will be more likely to match with people who will respond to you and respond quickly. We're working hard to show you the best friends for you, so please email us with any and all feedback at hello@itsme.cool❣️


Sat, Dec 5

- Added release notes!

🎉 We make a lot of updates to Itsme and we want to make sure that you know all about each one!

- Added Hi Messages!

👋 On the latest version of the app, you can set a Hi Message for yourself! Your new friends will see this as the first message from you whenever you join a chat!

- Boosted proximity in the For Me Algorithm

🌍 We've heard a lot of feedback that you want to meet more recommendations that live close-by to you. We've boosted people with similar locations in the algorithm

- Better content moderation

🤗 Our top priority is keeping Itsme a fun and safe place to meet new friends. We're continuing to improve our moderation systems so you're not paired with people you don't like